Sinful Sunday #50 — Poolside

We’re in the middle of the summer, which in the desert means inside with the air conditioning running or outside at the pool.   And margaritas and cool water are a great combination for some sin….



Sinful Sunday

25 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #50 — Poolside”

  1. What a marvelous edit! So many rich details, from the hint of a nipple to the bright red toenails and more… Very well done! ~C

  2. You look so cool and lovely… I agree with Camille – great edit / attention to detail; there’s kind of a halo effect around your body. So envious about how many participants this week get to be outside either naked or partially clothed!

  3. There is so much to this photograph, the glorious hair, the hint of sexuality yet complete relaxation. It is a picture of enjoyment and the hint of the following enjoyment. How I wish the UK was having a good summer

  4. Would you be prepared to take a photograph of you in the pool, those gorgeous shoulders and arms on the side with your head resting down (so no face) with the glorious hair you possess splayed out. I think that would be such a lovely shot, the hint of shoulder and back. And I am completely heterosexual, but I love your photographs

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