Sinful Sunday #48 – Gentle Roughness

One of the things about doing the Sinful Sunday meme is that it lets you play with all sorts of things in terms of themes, picture techniques and locations and the like.

My favorite is that it gives me the regular excuse to take pictures of my favorite subject.

Think of this as our “back to nature” “tree-hugging” extravaganza. 🙂

One of the things this thing we do has brought to the party for us is to tear down some walls and expose some really new things in our lives.  Sinful Sunday is definitely one of those.



Sinful Sunday

34 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #48 – Gentle Roughness”

  1. A third vote for Marie’s observation — The texture of the tree bark really sets off her silky skin! Beautifully done, y’all! ~C

  2. This is soooo gorgeous! Your skin looks soft and supple, and I love the way the light falls on you. It’s glorious in its natural (your natural) beauty.

  3. The contrast of textures between the bark and her skin is stunning and held my attention for ages. Add the lushness of her curls and I desperately wanted to be able to continue the view down her back.

  4. It makes me so happy to read this about Sinful Sunday. You take really beautiful images and this is no exception. I love the contrast between the round bark and her smooth skin. Also there is something so beautifully sensual about the way her hair curls and falls across her body.


  5. What a stunning image, I love to see pictures in the great outdoors, but beautiful nudes in the great outdoors – a double whammy!

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