Sinful Sunday #47 — Pin Up Play

We decided to play with a pin up model idea.  After several unsuccessful poses, we ended up with this one.  But then couldn’t decide between color and black and white.  So, what do you think?  Which expresses the pin up model idea better?


Sinful Sunday

38 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #47 — Pin Up Play”

  1. I think this is a cracking image in both forms but I am wondering if you would be up for sending me the highest resolution version you have and letting me have a little play with it…. I have a couple of ideas which might give you an edit that is closer to the pinup look.


  2. Ooh, being a pin up model is such a great idea for a photo! These are amazing!! I vote for the colour one – your skin looks so warm and the colours are so inviting. Xxx

  3. First, I like both of these a lot. Second, I think if you had really saturated the color in the color image it would have read more pin-up to me. Mostly these read classic boudoir to me and I love that about them. The vignetting is perfect.

  4. you look exquisite!!
    love the way you show the pics in two different colors, the black and white gives it a vintage sort of look.
    great job

  5. Wow! This picture is so sexy!! Normally black and white is my go to for most pics but I really like the colour version best! I just love the look of your thighs 💗
    Very hot!

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