Scrabble Part 3 – The Results

Well… THAT was fun!

We started out the weekend with a bang, but ran into time and, well, privacy constraints… but still made a go of it.  The overall rules (linked above) said I had to get to at least 12 tiles.

But you have to know, going in, that in my heart, I’m an engineer.  So you know too that I would be working out that magical nexus of risk/reward in terms of reducing or extending my wait time.  Of course it’s based on letters actually picked, but it certainly becomes an issue as you work through the challenge.

I mean, why go for 25 letters when you know that it’s extremely likely, based on the letters already in-hand, that you’re merely extending your wait 2 more days for every letter you pick?  [SSC:  Or, giving yourself more options for words.  But I have a Scrabble brain.]

That was the quandary I was constantly milling over in my head.  Internally, my goal was 15-20 tiles.  This seemed like the highest probability of getting tiles that made words, and using all of the tiles between short and longer words.  It also had manageable consequences if I couldn’t do the word thing.  But all the time, in the back of my head, I’m hearing Charmer giggle because she knows that 15-20 tiles (or, let’s face it, even the minimum 12 tiles) will likely short-circuit my brain trying to figure out the words.  Yes, I’m just that bad at this game.  I’m sure she’ll vouch for me.  [SSC:  Nodding.  So much nodding.]

So, off we go.

First thing Friday at kickoff, the ball weights went on.  These had to go for 24 hours, so I wanted to get that started immediately.  [SSC:  To the point that he raced to do that before he made me a drink.  Lol.]

That evening, I went for 25 edges from her (damn, that’s a lot more than it sounds, btw).  I made it through this, but may have been a smouldering heap of junk.

About 5 minutes into that, I asked for the clamps.  Idiot. 30 minutes of clamps will get anyone’s attention.  [SSC:  Of course, the fact that I wouldn’t stop playing with the chain didn’t help matters.]  Taking them off is another story.  Violence suddenly became an option.  But I made it – 30 minutes.

So I was feeling totally wired about all of this so thought I’d go for the gold – 4 ruined.

I survived 2 and begged (yes, literally begged) her to stop.  Over and over.  So she did.  I thought perhaps I’d had a heart attack and that’s why she’d stopped, but alas, not so lucky.

So, at the end of the first night, I had two tiles and one in-process.

For those playing along, the tiles were:

R   I

OK, workable.  I wasn’t too panicked yet.

Saturday rolls around – immediately hit the ground running with 15 edges in the morning.  I also put in the WMCBP and was still with the weights.  Was feeling ok with all of that and off we went for the day.  Charmer was a bit (!) of a tease all day [SSC:  No idea what you are talking about.  And for those who didn’t see it, my outfit for that day is on my Twitter timeline.]  and when it finally rolled around to where we had both time and privacy, we were ON.

I did a killer strip-tease (never done that before, that was kinda fun, and I may have rocked it) [SSC:  Totally rocked it]

A foot massage (in place of pedicure #2, since you really only need one)

10 Bite Marks (still quite evident today, thank you very much!)

All of this, (completed the weights, completed the WMCBP) resulted in 7 tiles Saturday night.

R   N   Y   X   F   R   W

Crap.  I was getting nervous.  Can you sense why yet?

Sunday, time-wise, collapsed on us.  So I was left with 9 tiles, but I left the weights on until Sunday evening so that’s 1.


Now are you seeing the issue?

Monday, the last day.  I’m doing the calculations I mentioned above.  What’s my minimum, what’s my risk/reward and do I have a chance in hell of pulling this off?  I’m beginning to sense that I’ve lost this one in a big way.

So Monday brought another day of WMCBP and a pedicure, bringing me to exactly 12 tiles.  [SSC:  At 9 p.m., with one hour to spare to make words]

blank   E

Minimum met, so very few vowels.   I’m in trouble, and have a W and X and 3 Rs to deal with.

So, my total letter haul is:

R   I   R   N   Y   X   F   R   W   R  (blank)   E

So, yeah.  I lost.  Not a chance, really.  So I’ve added 24 days to the eligibility.  [SSC:  So, July 12th to be exact]


Next time, Charmer, next time.  [SSC:  *rolling on the floor laughing*]

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