Sinful Sunday #42 — Soaking up the Sun

Snake is always telling me that I remind him of a cat–soaking up the sun, purring.  I really hope that I get to come back as a housecat in my next life…. Now, where is that cabana boy?




Sinful Sunday

16 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #42 — Soaking up the Sun”

  1. Haha, Michael says I am a lizard because unless there is a direct heat source then I am cold…. and like Charmer I LOVE laying in the sun. This image makes me long for hot summer days and the warmth of the sun on my skin


  2. That photograph is wonderful, without words it captures a lot. I have come here via Under Contract to my Wife, what a wonderful site. Here is the currently dull UK you have brightened the day

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