Sinful Sunday #40 — Mirror Images

Snake and I have played with mirrors and windows in our photography before–it’s a great way to get different angles and a voyeuristic feeling.

For this month’s prompt we decided to try for multiple mirrors for a more fractured feeling… It provides for so many different angles!


Sinful Sunday

31 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #40 — Mirror Images”

  1. Ooo this is cool. I was focused on the beautiful female form for ages looking at all the reflections, when suddenly noticed the gentleman – wow! Hot!
    How all the ‘fractured’ elements do indeed come together to make a story.
    Brilliant x x

  2. If M.C. Escher did photography… This is an amazing multi-dimensional photo. I love the soft focus and how it contrasts with all the sharp edges of the mirrors!

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