Sinful Sunday #38 — Inspired by Sassy Red Wagons

As we’ve mentioned many times, Snake and I do quite a bit of dancing for shows and competitions.  We’re thinking of doing a routine to a new song and the video gave me the idea for trying this shot…


Sinful Sunday

52 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #38 — Inspired by Sassy Red Wagons”

  1. Wow – I love everything about this photo. The way your hair falls on your back – the lines intersecting your curves perfectly, and the fact that you look completely nude in the reflection but we can see that you’re not. It’s a great picture.

  2. Oh this is brilliant…. Did you see the prompt for May is mirrors? And I linked to one of your previous images to help inspire people. Seems mirror images are a very strong point for you guys because that one was fabulous and this one is absolutely magnificent. It is like 2 images in one


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