Day #29 — We Did It!

When we first saw the February Photofest post, we both couldn’t imagine doing a photo every day for a month.  It seemed beyond daunting, but we decided to jump in and just commit to it.  It’s been challenging some days, silly some days, but always us.

I wanted to end the month with a picture of us.  While there are many labels to describe us, the one that I always come back to is the one that we started with and what has kept us together for all of this time–Best Friends.



6 Replies to “Day #29 — We Did It!”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and like you one of the things I love about our life is that we are absolutely best friends.

    I am so glad you took the plunge with February Photofest. Your images have been a real delight and I hope that you have enjoyed being part of it as much as I have enjoyed coming here and seeing what you have created


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