Two Years…

Snake and I have been talking that we are about at our two year kinkiversary.  No, we don’t have an exact date because like most other things in our life, we just decided to make a change and did it.  We’re the poster children for snap decisions–which, in most cases, turn out to be the right ones.

Today also happens to be exactly one year to the day since we started writing our personal blog to each other.  Since then, we’ve written 499 posts.  We try to each write Monday through Friday every week, but trips, holidays or life occasionally interrupts that. It is a pretty epic testament to our journey over the past year, though.  We share thoughts on things happening between us, thoughts on outside blog posts, ideas that we might want to try, stories—and lots of picture porn.

We also started this blog on March 2, 2015 and have managed 84 posts between us.  And, let’s face it, most of them are from him because I only seem to be able to write when stream of consciousness hits me.  This blog has included Snake’s PA experience, lots of our journey this year–and more picture porn.

Why did we get started down this path?  We’ve always been in love, but for years before this change our sex life was meh.  And I think that’s being kind.  We had one kid getting married, the other close to graduating from college and were looking empty nest in the eye.  The last thing that we wanted to be was a statistic.  And, the funny thing is that both of us started looking down this path separately but at the same time.

We started bringing up things that were hot to us.  Little things here and there.  Every last one of them was D/s.  Because, of course, this was actually how we started.  And…stupidly let slide when life and kids came into the picture.   It was like a dark shade was pulled back and our sex life came back.  We were having more sex than we had in years…in days.  I’m wondering if that’s why our daughter was so insistent on moving out right after she graduated….

Within a month we were exploring chastity.  See?  We commit completely when we change course.  We started with a leather device, followed quickly by the CB6000s.  He had problems with that splitting twice since he was wearing it 24/7.  So on to the Queen’s Keep and then the Steelheart after he got the PA.

Not that this has been a smooth road or an instant fix.  Our transition has been with plenty of misunderstandings and adjustments.  We’ve also implemented an FLR during this time.  Lots of negotiations and tweaks.  And life interruptions.  And more misunderstandings and adjustments.  And…lather, rinse, repeat.

We’ve also started dancing during this time.  We love it, but it has come with its own set of challenges.  I have to put aside my dominant side as much as I can.  I don’t follow well.  At all.  Especially when I know the next step in the routine and he forgets what it is and I start doing what we are supposed to be doing and he is doing something else and we both look at each other and ask, “What are you doing?”  Big gasp of air.  But, you get the point.  Plus, he goofs around when he is learning something and I get all intense and it really isn’t pretty.  At all.  So, more adjustments and tweaks.

We’ve also started weight lifting this year.  I started it in February and he started a few months after.  We’ve played at exercise for years.  Start a program.  Keep with program.  Get bored with program.  End exercise.  We joined the wonderful #fwocrew and it kept us motivated to keep going.  It has also pushed us to start our next exercise program.  We will give more information on that as it gets started, but we are really excited.  To the point where most of my birthday presents this year were actually equipment to get started.

But, even as great as the exercise has been for both of us, that had to be tweaked.  I use Fitocracy to track.  He started using Fitocracy to track.  Suddenly we were competing against each other instead of against ourselves.  Very unhealthy dynamic for us.  So, Snake switched to Jefit so that we each could have our own space and be cheerleaders instead of rivals.   Again, wasn’t a pretty sight.

During the two years our kink life has expanded from one butt plug and some minor restraints to a Snake Den in our garage complete with a lot of hooks, chain and a hoist…”for lumber,” you see.  We have enough *stuff* that we are trying to figure out storage so that we can actually find and see what we have.  It’s really not that sexy to be tossing stuff aside in a box because you just know that x is in there.  Except that it isn’t.  It’s in a bag in another closet.  So, that’s another project.

We’ve made some wonderful friends online during this time too.  There are so many that I’m not going to name them because I will be like the person at the Oscars who forgets their spouse and will never be able to show my face again.  Some of these people have become *real life* friends and we have plans to meet.  Some are people that I’ve leaned on through our aliases through tough times.  Some are people that just bring a smile to my face with daily interactions.  But all of them have enriched my life so much in the past two years.  I love all of you.

So, it’s been a busy two years.  A challenging two years.  A maddening, at times, two years.  A fun two years.  But, we’re still here and still moving forward.  And enjoying the journey….

16 thoughts on “Two Years…”

  1. Oh my yet another thing we have in common. I will write like crazy and post then go dead silent for months.

    We all go through our ups and downs, it is that ability to communicate that makes it all work

    1. Lol… I need a topic that I can just spit out words on or it just doesn’t get written. Snake will say, “You should write about x…” and I just can’t do it. Something will inspire me and the post is written in 15 minutes. 🙂

      Communication is definitely the key.

  2. It’s been a pleasure to follow your blog and tweets. I consider myself lucky to have found such a charming couple to interact with!

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