Sinful Sunday 15 – The Ties That Bind

Charmer and I have a fantastic history and have experienced some of the biggest extremes in life – the highs and lows – and when we were taking shots for today’s Sinful Sunday, all I could think of (OK, I’ll be honest, it’s not “all I could think of,” let’s be real), was how all of these threads and ties and life-hooks have brought us to today.  And how this was very symbolic of that!

I’m only human – I may have had other thoughts racing around too.  🙂


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Sinful Sunday

21 Replies to “Sinful Sunday 15 – The Ties That Bind”

  1. You are really kicking your photography up a notch, Snake! Doesn’t hurt that you have such a gorgeous subject. 🙂 I always love reading your words that go with your photos. xx

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