Sex on the Terrace

On a pretty much impromptu decision, we decided we were going to have the weekend night (Friday) free and wanted to have a mini-vacation.  We picked one of our favorite spots here in town and managed to get a reservation at the very last minute for one of the rooms that is a separate, stand-alone mini-house/apartment.  It has all the features of home, a small kitchen, nice digs.  It also has our favorite feature, the terrace.

After dinner, we headed back and just wanted to talk and relax on the terrace.  It has this amazing view out over a valley and, looking west, the sunset.  It’s beautiful and completely private and anonymous enough that you don’t have any worries about being bothered.  In short, you really can’t see anything except wildlife in pretty much every direction.  [SSC:  Not really true.  There are casitas on either side and the houses are really not that far away.  I think he’s trying to protect my virtue.  🙂 ]

Side note from Snake: the way we write our posts, one writes, the other edits.  As we were editing this, SSC added the note above about the casitas.  I had no idea.  While we both have exhibitionist streaks, I didn’t realize how close others may have been.

We’ve always been talkers. This night was to be no different.  We sat and talked for hours and, of course, things turned to our favorite topic, our evolving relationship, things we want out of it, things we want to do, what we like and don’t like, etc. It definitely got the juices flowing.   

I came back from a wine refill to find Charmer leaning on the railing, dress up, top of her fishnets showing, slowly swaying to a band we could vaguely hear wafting through the canyon from someone’s party well out of sight.  I came up behind and she pushed back into me, my cage pretty much instantly filled and she just kept up the teasing and dancing.  We ended up dancing a bit, talking a bit, and a bit more of increasingly hot teasing.

Charmer mentioned how hot it was (we ARE in the desert, in summer, after all) and I told her she could help that if only that darn dress weren’t there.  Sounds cliche’, but in a flash, the dress was up and over her head.  She had on a leather corset underneath adorned with chains and it was instantly clear the night was changing.

After a bit, I was told to go get my cage off.  You don’t have to tell me twice.  I was back as quickly as I could, Charmer was again just enjoying the music and then got down on the patio and made it very clear that I was to join her.  She was on all fours, holding on to the railing around the terrace and started pushing back into me.

We found out since that she actually has bruises on her head where she was pressing against the railing – we didn’t realize it at the time.

I don’t have to be told twice, and was rock-hard a long time ago.  We started with anal but there was so much happening that ranged from that to oral.  We were up, down and all over that terrace, barely taking a break between her orgasms as we tried every position and every approach that worked.  Each time, she’d tell me I was not to come and if she sensed I was getting to close, I didn’t even have to warn, she just knew, and we’d shift or move slightly.

It was one of those times where it all seems so … acrobatic, and I suppose it was.  Toward the end of the terrace time, Charmer just laid back on the patio and shifted into complete selfish mode, letting me pay 100% attention to her.  She was so into the moment, so into all that was happening, it was incredibly hot.   Of course I did my best to take advantage, I can never get enough of Charmer and the way she moves, tastes and responds.  The last few orgasms for her while we were outside were really strong and left her laying in a pretty blissed out place. [SSC:  And *someone* took a very rude, but totally hot, picture of me at that point.  That will not ever be shared…]

When all was said and done, I’d lost track of her orgasms, but somewhere north of 15 at that point.  I was dripping with sweat, she was as well, and it was time to move inside to some A/C and help out with a few fewer bumps, scrapes, bruises and other trophies of the evening.

When we moved inside, she continued with the sometimes violent orgasms and we continued playing.  For a bit, Charmer seemed to be just riding a constant orgasm.  With barely a touch she’d tip back over the edge.  When she finally allowed me to come, she essentially pulled it from me and within 15-30 seconds, I was there.  I don’t know where this response comes from.  It’s strange to think that she has the power to turn on and off the orgasm response in me in big ways.  It’s hot as hell, but I don’t pretend to understand it.

About 4am, we both woke up for whatever reason and found ourselves still wanting more.  [SSC:  Actually, I woke him up.  He just didn’t realize it until I started playing with him.]   She came an additional 9 times and then she started focusing on me.  I was positive I’d be able to come again – and I was fully-engaged in getting there.  Just as I was about to, I asked permission and…. “No.  Don’t you dare!”  She cut me off. I just about blew a fuse trying to shut down the lust that had taken over driving me.  I was in full animal mode and honestly never expected that “no” from her.

I did manage to get back under control a bit, and we continued a few more for her and she never did let me come.  In fact, she made a point of reiterating that it wasn’t in the cards.  It was one of those times when your lust-brain is screaming “just do it!” and your other thoughts are “mmmmmmmmmph grrrrrrrrrrrr   uuuuuugggghhhh but we want this… we need this denial… ”  Subbie mind-stuff came crashing down around me as we drifted back off to sleep.  I was still ready to go, engine fully running, but it was a good thing.  It was the right thing.  A reset was needed after the earlier evening.  [SSC:  Duh…]

The feelings that come over you as your animal brain gives up control back to you and you realize it’s a GOOD thing that your orgasms are controlled, at least for me, is one of the biggest highs and pure magic.  It calms me at the core, while frustrating me (in a good way) at the same time.

What a night of hot, lusty discussions and sex!

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