Quick Snake Household Update

We are still alive.  Well, those of you who follow us on Twitter already know that, but for those of you who just read this… I know we haven’t updated for almost two weeks but we are still here.

We’ve been busy with work, dance and family but still have managed to fit in a couple of fun sexy times too.  The one before the long holiday weekend I am leaving for Snake.  He is working on a post which will touch on that so I don’t want to steal his thunder.

The holiday weekend was a downtime from the previous week and our daughter was here.  We went to see movies and went out to dinner with friends.  Daughter and I saw Magic Mike XXL on Sunday.  Good times were had by all… gotta love that eye candy.

The beginning of this week was a lot of dance and Snake dealing with a big work project.  Wednesday, however, I told him that he was leaving work at work that night. We had a dance lesson and then came home for some dinner and wine.  He was trying to give me a hard time — he is a cheeky sort — and I finally told him that *I* was getting laid that night.  He could choose if he wanted to be used or to enjoy it.  I think he was a little surprised at my forwardness.  🙂

While I brushed my teeth, he got out the sex blanket.  Still the best invention ever.  Ok, probably not ever, but it is pretty great.  I came out of the bathroom naked and he was still locked up.   I’m not entirely sure how the getting laid part was supposed to happen like that, but I made him unlock.  Some people.  He laid down and I climbed on top of him.  The nice part of me would like to say that I was worried about his enjoyment.  If I am going to be honest, however, it really was all about me.  I rode him and came 8 times.  I know that I’ve mentioned before that he has a PA.  I just want to say again–I am a big fan.

I know that he wasn’t expecting it, and I didn’t have it planned, but I decided to let him come.  He hadn’t since June 13th because of the reset.  I told him to come and he shook his head at me.  Really?  He was saying no?  I told him again and he gave me an unsure look.  I said it again and we came together.  Later he told me that he felt like a dog–I give him the command and he follows it.  He had complete control until I told him to come and then it was gone.  I think it bothers him, but I think it is really hot.

After that, he had me roll over and proceeded to give me 11 more awesome orgasms.  You know they are awesome when he has to pry your fingers from the headboard at the end.  And there may have been some slightly loud noises happening.  I couldn’t say–I was otherwise occupied.

Our daughter is ill and decided to stay home tonight instead of staying over here.  So, being the opportunists that we are, we are using our Groupon for a hotel that is here in town for the night.  Nice room, nice dinner with some wine and I am sure we will have more stories for next week.  And maybe there will be a post this weekend–you never know.

Have a kinky weekend everyone!

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