She Got Her Domme On…

Last night was a further night of setting things straight.  As we mentioned in the “reset” post, Charmer decided that things were just not where they needed to be, so she was resetting our D/s and FLR relationship.  It included not coming for at least a couple (I suspect longer) of weeks, the chastity cage and some serious attitude adjustments.

Last night, she mentioned that she’d been building up a really strong Domme drive for several days.  As we were driving out of the driveway for some things that we had to get done last night, she reached over, grabbed me by my cage and told me that after we got home, I was going to be restrained completely and she was going to torture and have her way with me.  She couldn’t tell, but my cage was instantly full.

I had a hard time concentrating while we were out – it seemed like her Domme Eyes ™ were in full use all evening and each chance she had, she reminded me that I’d soon be locked in place for her entertainment.  She didn’t disappoint.

When we got home, it wasn’t but 15 minutes or so before she had my collar, cuffs and the restraints out, and I was told to be cage-free, on the bed, with the WMCBP in. While it is indeed comfortable, it does also apply some great pressure and add some great weight…

When I got back, not only did she attach me to the restraint system, but made sure the ties were very tight.  I could barely move.

What followed was a bit of a mental screeching and moaning match.  She started with my chest and nipples, biting, chewing and generally getting my pain tolerance amped up.  As soon as the pain would start to peak, she’d dive down and stroke or suck on me to bring me just to the edge, then stop.  Then she’d go to a new location on my body to bite, suck and mark.  I love the marks, these were intense and she’d repeat this over and over over – peaking the pain, immediately switching to edging me, then back to the pain.

I was a hot, sweaty mess.  She also put on some very evil nipple clamps we have.  For some reason, last night, they were even more so.  I still feel them through my clothes today – bruised and hyper-sensitive.  These clamps were in rare form.  When she put them on, it was immediately after biting me, so things were already raging – and they shot electricity straight to my head and it just stayed there, screaming at me.  True to form, after about 10 seconds of that internal (and perhaps external, I’m honestly not sure) screaming, she went back to stroking me, sucking on me, going to the edge again.

The disconnect between the pain and the pleasure was tearing my brain apart a good bit.  I had started with the usual conversation in my head – “ouch, that hurts, oooooo… that’s nice.”  But at this point, all I could do is go toward the pain, try to roll with it and do the same for the pleasure.  I didn’t pull it off all the time, but when I could, it was a high that was incredible to ride.

Next up was the Wartenberg wheel.  These are one of the least expensive, simple, more torturous devices ever I think.  It’s like a thousand pins on a wheel.  It can be run over your body or dragged, pressure can be light or heavy or in between or any mixture of those.  I don’t know where it was with Charmer.  To me, it felt like a fair amount of pressure.  I didn’t think she was drawing blood, but it was a very noticeable, sharp, poke.  Like the clamps, it started as “ouch” and progressed.  Each time she’d slowly run up and down my body and then go back to stroking.  Then back up and down my body. It was short-circuiting my brain.

The first time she ran the wheel around my balls, I just about came off the bed, but of course the damn restraints had other ideas.  I couldn’t get away.  But then a weird thing happened.  It started to feel good.  Up, over my chest, over the bite marks, over my cock.  It was all prickly as hell, but it felt… good.  I was running to the pain, rather than away – and then the edging and the pain.  Back and forth.

I felt like I’d been edged more than 20 times (she insists actual edging was only 12, but of course stroking and teasing much more), and she started focusing entirely on getting me at the edge and keeping me there.  I was incoherent and shaking and fighting my want to, but not wanting to, come in what I anticipated would be incredible gushes.

Then, right on the edge, shaking, mind-numb and out to lunch, she stopped.

I couldn’t stop shaking.  I don’t know if it was shaking, twitching, mentally coming (not sure actually that I can attest to that), or what.  I couldn’t stop.  She climbed up on top of me, laying length-wise and just held me as I ran through these feelings and sensations.  It lasted for many minutes.

I was drenched in sweat and out of control physically and spent mentally.  And in heaven.  She was slowly bringing me down.

Still tied, still controlled, but slowly bringing me back.

Welcome back…” was the first thing she’d said to me all night since we’d begun.

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  1. You are very lucky indeed! She really made sure that none of you was neglected. A masterful scene (or should I say mistressful?). This is the stuff dreams are made from.

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