Of Cats and Bruises

It’s late on Sunday morning and thought I’d write a post about the last couple of days.  Some life stuff, some kink stuff and just an all-around gorky happy post.  Gorky?  It’s a Snake household word.   You know the sound a cat makes when it throws up?  A little like “gork, gork, gork?”  That is our expression when people are being super sweet and romantic and happy and everyone just wants to throw something at them.

I had been teasing Snake all week that our his to hers orgasms ration was way too high on his end.  It was at 20:1 in favor of me.  We’ve been really busy the last couple of weeks and play time has been a little scarce.  Thursday night we had time and he did his best to fix those numbers.  He gave me 17 very nice orgasms and two really epic ones.  We have a rating system.  You know–the whole 1-10 thing.  Rarely there are a few in the 3-4 range.  Mostly they are in the 7-9 range.  However, sometimes there are the amazing 10s.  Sometimes afterward I feel a little like a judge in a sporting event.  Maybe we need to make some paddles.  🙂  He always knows when they are 10s, but asks anyway.  He was a very good Snake on Thursday and managed two of those.  Happy Thursday to me.

Friday night was our dance competition.  We have been practicing for about six months.  Our first was supposed to be last October but it got postponed to November when we had a trip planned so Friday was THE DAY.  I was super excited and a little nervous.  Snake has been kind of dreading it.  I know you will all be shocked but I was the drama/speech/debate weirdo in high school.  I love performing.  He is awesome at public speaking, but performing isn’t one of his favorite things.  Add to this the fact that we were going to be the only people on the floor for a couple of the dances and he was pretty nervous.  However, we did seven dances and only made a couple of mistakes.  Lots of applause (made my inner star shine) and lots of praise.  It was good and bodes well for our next one in June.

We came home and I got a full body massage.  A little over a year ago Snake started giving me backrubs before we went to sleep.  I think I was a cat in a previous life.  I may purr a little during those.  Since I was enjoying them so much, he bought a full massage table for us.  (Another funny thing.  It is stored in our daughter’s room and she stays over at least once a week.  Never questioned it at all.  More of the don’t ask, don’t tell mentality.  Kind of like the carabiners on the side of our bed.)  This is the most amazing thing in the world.  Although, I do think he should set it up next to the bed so I can just roll off and go to sleep.  I’m a little boneless by the time he finishes.

Usually we spend Saturday with our daughter, but she was out of town until dinner so we had a free day.  We stayed in bed late, had a leisurely lunch out and went shopping for my ramada.  For those of you who aren’t southwesterners, you would call it a gazebo or pergola.  I have wanted one in the backyard and it is my Mother’s Day gift.  We had seen some metal ones and thought that could be an easy idea.  Snake is perfectly capable of building one, but with the hot weather coming I was hoping that he wouldn’t need to do that.  However, reading reviews I guess the metal ones rust quickly and since it will be next to the pool that won’t work.  But we had a good time just wandering and looking.

Dinner with daughter and her friend and then a whole night to ourselves. Snake told me that he was worried because I had “that look” in my eyes.  We caught up with some shows that we haven’t had time to watch.  This comes across my Twitter feed from Snake:

Something about pretending to catch up on tv – distracted – Charmer has said she has evil plans.

Game on!  I called him over to my desk and proceeded to bring him just to the edge.  And told him to sit back down.  About ten minutes later, I did it again.  Shampoo, rinse, repeat. A couple of marks here and there.  By about the 8th or 9th time, I was really impressed that he kept standing.  A couple more and he told me that I might have to restrain him if I pushed much further.  How convenient since that was part of my plan anyway.  But not until 20+ edges were in the logs.  🙂

I had him go pull out the straps that are stealthily hidden under the mattress for easy access (original, right?).  I got out the wrist and ankle cuffs and made sure he was secure.  Took a couple of pictures because I had promised them to some online friends.  I edged him a few more times and told him that he wasn’t coming until I told him.  Of course then I did the thing that I knew would make him come.  He is a sucker for me coming on him, using him, but not allowing him to come.  He’s really learned the control thing well.  Two or three times and I know he’ll beg me to stop.  And I won’t because I want his orgasm.  It is mine because I created it.  Power in its best form.

This morning when we woke up he told me that he had to avoid sleeping on his chest–something about clamps that had been on the night before. After my shower he said he felt like that Train song.  Which one?  Bruises.  Ah.  Then he thanked me for his marks.  The proof of last night. He loves touching them for days and remembering.  It pushes his subby buttons for days after.

So–the gorky part of the post?  Life is good here.  We have life crap that is what it is.  But the fun life stuff like dance is good.  We have positive friends online that bring a lot of good to our lives.  And our sex life makes this Domme and sub really, really happy.  Yes, life is good.

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    1. One of my favorite things. It’s the split second when he realizes that he has lost control and tumbles in head first. It’s such a high.

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