Realities of Chastity: Dealing with Edema

I’ve been fighting a battle with edema for about 3 weeks now.  Ever since I really fully healed from the PA, it’s been a problem.  I don’t believe it’s a PA issue though, but that was my first thought.

Edema happens when the chastity cage “traps” fluids – with the case of chastity cages specifically, it’s swelling that is in your penis, from what I’ve seen, it’s usually on the underside, towards the head.  It’s not like a really “full” swelling – for me at least and those I’ve been able to read up on (which is surprisingly scarce online), it’s more of a 25-50% full kind of thing, so it’s like loose skin with fluid in it.

But it’s not a good thing – apparently it can lead to complications – I won’t go into it much here, because that’s not the point of this post.  Suffice to say that you should figure it out and deal with it.

It’s not been that easy to identify.  Like I mentioned, when I first started seeing this, I assumed it was due to the PA.  It’s not.  It’s due to poor fluid circulation in the penis, such that fluid can get in (often into the foreskin area), but can’t get out easily, so they get trapped.

I have seen this with two different devices now in my quest to figure this out.

Oddly, it’s exactly the same.  This was surprising to me because the cage on the MM device makes sense as causing a bit of a grid pattern, but the Steelheart is all completely smooth.

The rest of the story is that I can see changes in me – after wearing the MM device for 15 months or whatever it was, full-time, I have noticed that things have clearly changed.  More skin overall down there, specifically around the penis and scrotum areas.  I think this is the root of the issue.

I think this new skin is being a pain in the butt and getting caught up. Also, I’ve noticed that in my most flaccid state, this skin bunches up, actually making the device too narrow in the tube.

SO, what I really think is happening is that this skin is getting bunched up inside, keeping the right fluid circulation from happening and causing the edema.  Ugh.  This means, potentially, resizing (read as: ORDERING A NEW DAMN DEVICE) the device(s).  Which really stinks because it had worked so well for so long and they’re expensive.

I’ll probably start with the MM device.  They deliver a whole lot faster and are in the states in case I need to work out changes.  I will probably start with talking with them too about what I’m seeing and see what they suggest.  Their customer support is awesome, so I suspect that they will be more than happy to share their experiences and make suggestions.

I’m starting this post because a) there is NO real information out there about Edema and Male Chastity Devices, and b) WHY isn’t there any information about it out there, and c) no one talks about how to troubleshoot and what to do about it.

So, here’s to the start of a new, very frank discussion-oriented, journey.

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  1. I would suggest that you go without the cage for at least a week. If the edema is due to poor circulation, then being out for a while will prove that the device is at fault. Also, you may find that there really isn’t any new skin,but rearranging by the device. In any case, short of seeing a urologist (not a bad idea at all), try going without the cage.

    1. It goes away in just hours of having the device off – and stays away. I should have mentioned that I had done the control test. 🙂 Yes, you’re right though that proves it’s related to the device, now to figure out what in the world gets adjusted to get back at it.

      At the moment, I’m wearing it during the day, letting it rest at night. Which sounds silly, but it’s working out ok for a short-term solution. It still is causing an issue, but it’s quite slight, versus more pronounced after about 24 hrs in.

  2. Wow, I’ve never even heard about this (granted, we’re still relatively new to the full-time chastity thing). Seriously, thanks for sharing this. Now I know it’s something I should keep an eye out for.

    1. There are many variables it seems. It HAS cleared, but it’s one of a few things.

      1. My PA is fully healed and I’m not sizing up any more (0g) so that may have been behind it at least a little The PA is the one thing that changed; I’d been in the cage for quite a long time before that and had no problems with it.

      2. I found that not being “fully loaded” into the cage – in other words with either extra skin in pushed in there when I put it on or not getting all the way into the cage (not taking time to make sure it’s all the way on) both caused issues, so being comfortably “in” but not bunched up or stretched seemed to be a factor.

      3. In talking with Mature Metal (awesome support), it seems that if the cage is too small, it can lead to edema from too little circulation. Now, since the cage was just fine prior, I couldn’t pin-point this, and haven’t changed it since, and don’t have problems now.

      SO, I have come to believe the following:

      a. If you’re in a steelheart, you need to allow for the PA fixing. Both in width (I’d add about .25″) and length (this is harder – it will depend on your ring gauge – but I’d go 3/8 or even sliver more if you’re heading to 0g). This is because your ring is in there with you – bunched up against you. It needs to have a bit of room so you don’t get pinched. Trust me, it’s not pleasant. I’ve noticed this most at night. For ring sizes under 0g, I had to remove the PA fixing at night to sleep. Not a big deal, but a pain.

      b. I think I had to heal some more. Even though I was many months into the PA healing, and no visible stuff was going on, it’s just too big of a coincidence to ignore the timing of the PA.

      If you don’t have a PA – I think I’d suspect cage size and getting fully loaded in (sorry, that’s a weird term, but I haven’t found anything else to say). This seems to relieve the Edema.

      If none of this applies, post back, email, send smoke signals and I can talk about other things I found that didn’t apply to me, but might help in your case.

      So many variables! Sorry about that!

  3. Thank you for sharing, I am having the same issue now. Also thinking trapped skin as the dick re-aligns during sleep followed my massive morning wood.

  4. I have the same issue after a few days. my cage isn’t tight but I just think my cock resting on the bottom is causing the issue. Not sure what to do about it.

    1. I find I have to take a break to let things recover. I’m not sure it’s a cage too tight, tho that can cause it too. I have seen it when I’m in for a long time and clean the cage in place – if it gets stubbornly sticky, it gets grabby. If it’s grabby, it causes my skin to bunch up, bunched up skin means less circulation, boom…. Edema. (for me, ymmv) so, keeping super clean (I know some even put a drop of silicone lube inside the tube portion to keep things from sticking).

  5. Sooo people
    Who have had this issue. How long did it take I’m currently at a week and it looks the same. Any tips to get rid of It? The edema in penis?

    1. Mine is usually gone in a day of not being caged. If you have a PA too, you mine remove the ring (or whatever) for a short period just to let things settle.

  6. I finally found a cage that is comfortable and keeps my balls trapped so I can’t escape. My 2 day test fitting without lube went ok with some minor pain from time to time. For my next test I then applied a silicone lube and the first day and night were great, perfect in fact. I showered the next morning and by the afternoon I noticed edema, which got much worse as the day progressed. At that point I removed the cage so I could recover. Do you think the edema might have been caused by the lube being washed out? I really like the cage and hate to give up on it.

    1. Could be, I’d definitely let it correct, then try with just a drop or two as needed to see if it takes care of it. I’ve seen it make a huge difference.

      1. Ok, I have been struggling with edema as well. If I don’t have an erection or a restrained erection, I typically don’t have any problems with edema. On the other hand, if I’m aroused I will have edemas form on my penis everywhere it pressed through the bars on the cage. I tried wearing just the base ring without the cage. If I don’t get aroused I don’t have a problem, if I do get aroused I will have edema/fluid trapped by the base ring. I’m thinking the base ring is was is causing the Edna’s, it is not allowing the fluid to escape after arousal. I’m now experimenting with larger base rings only to see how large I need to go to have enough room after arousal to clear the fluid. FYI, if I remove the base ring the edema subsides in about 20 mins. If I remove the base ring immediately post arousal, no edema forms.

  7. I’m on my second week I’ve also a large PA but not recent but the whole area is affected haven’t got access to key till next Saturday so hopefully will be aloud to have a break or rest it’s not life threatening pains quite nice 🔓🗝️

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