Having fun keeping the horniness alive…

We’ve talked about integrating D/s and FLR into our daily lives.  Sometimes it is hard to find time for long play sessions with other things going on in our lives.  Life does have a tendency to interfere with what we want to be doing.

Snake and I have certain rituals that we do to reinforce our play when we are short on time.  They are our ways of staying connected.

One of them started right after he got his PA.  I wanted to make sure that it was healing properly.  Just as a caring wife would do…  So, I started an inspection every morning.  It was easy because he couldn’t wear the cage while he was healing.  I did a more superficial inspection at the beginning so I didn’t irritate anything.  That is less of an issue now that we are about 7 1/2 weeks along.  But, honestly, how well can I really see it if it isn’t hard?  I might miss something, and that wouldn’t be good.  So, I make sure that I do a thorough inspection every morning.  He doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Another thing we do is write a personal blog post to each other every day.  It covers daily life and things that we’ve talked about.  We write about things we are feeling.  (OK, mostly Snake, but I’m terrible about sharing feelings.  Typical Scorpio) But, to be truthful, on my side it is really a way to post porn and ideas just to keep him riled up.  He is supposed to get his done by noon so I have time to respond and write my own before he leaves work.  Of course, it also gives me a reason to peruse all of the sites that I love looking through.  See how smart I am?  All of that porn is really just research for my blog.  🙂   That’s a win/win for me.  And for him because he does seem to enjoy what I find.

On most nights, he gets a bath ready for me about an hour before bed.  He always puts in a nice smelling bath bomb, gets me a drink and my Kindle and sets out the towel for me.  It’s really sweet and he knows how much I love baths. For years I didn’t really get to take as many as I would have liked.  The tub is in the main bathroom, which, of course, was also the kid’s bathroom.  It is hard to relax when two teenagers are wanting to get in the bathroom.  Oh, did I mention that Snake is naked while he is getting everything ready?  Nothing like a good looking naked guy drawing you a bath.

I put a picture on Twitter this morning showing one of Snake’s cock rings in the shower.  He had taken it off so he could put the cage on after he showered.  He apologized after he saw it, saying he just forgot it, but it was a perfect symbol of how much things have changed.  We’ve been empty nesters for a little over nine months.  It was supposed to be last June, but after the second one moved out, the first one and spouse had to move back in for a couple of months.  We were so ready and could see the end of the tunnel and then… I’m glad that we could give them a place to be until things got sorted out, but we were frustrated.

But this morning when I saw that and realized that it didn’t matter at all, it was nice.  Snake can walk around naked and I can tease him whenever I like.  Cock rings can be in the shower.  Sex blankets can be on the floor.  Carabiners can be next to the bed.   Our daughter who still lives in town is smart enough to not snoop where she might see something that she doesn’t want to know about.  We really do have the freedom that we didn’t have for years.  I love our kids, but it is nice to not worry about that part of our life interfering with our sex life anymore.

I also might be a bit of a cock tease when we do play, but that is part of male chastity.  What fun would it be if I didn’t get him all riled up and then tell him no?  Right now our orgasm ratio is 20/1.  I think he needs to work on that because it seems a little low on my end.

So, I think I’ll just go find some more pictures for my blog and come up with more ways to keep the Snake horny… 🙂

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