Pushing his (subby) buttons

I thought I’d give my side of Snake’s post yesterday about learning what pushes his subby buttons. He mentioned his morning inspection, which is really more teasing than inspection, and the fantasy stories that he writes for me.  I think last weekend was really what put him in his mental space this past week.

Last week we were just off.  Every couple has those weeks, but by Friday things had settled down and we had the house to ourselves.  I decided a little edging was in order.  By the time we had passed eight, I decided to see how far I could go.  Just as an experiment, you know.  🙂  I planned to stop but after he successfully survived 14 without coming, I decided he deserved a treat.  I think he might have described it as “intense” when he was allowed to come, and then I kept right on going as he was coming and after.  He said it was like I kept pulling more out of him and he had a hard time keeping still enough to let me do my thing.  I think it took everything he had not to roll away, but that would have caused a different kind of problem.  Restraints may be in order next time.  We cuddled after and it was a nice night.

Saturday night I had promised him a “vanilla” body rub.  I gave him some coupons for Valentine’s Day and he had turned one in to me earlier in the week.  We weren’t in a good mental space for it until the weekend.  Since our daughter was staying over I figured that it was a good night for something calm.  Best laid plans… He was lying there and I decided it was time to mark my territory a little with some nice, long, slow nails on his back, then several bites to go with it.  That is one of his big subby buttons.  By the time I was ready to massage his chest, he was having a hard time staying quiet.  He turned over and I decided that it was time for a little “me” time and I got on him.

He wasn’t expecting me to let him come, but it had been such a bad week and it was nice to reconnect.  So, Snake got to come twice in one weekend, which is about 3-4 weeks worth usually.  Sunday night he repaid all of my edges with an equivalent number of great orgasms so the Snake household was very happy.

This week he is caged again and someone (He’ll know who he is.  Didn’t know if he wanted us to link to his blog, but feel free to put in the comments if you want.) inspired us to start a game, which play into his kinks pretty strongly. He has 14 days to earn a certain number of points and then he is eligible for a bonus orgasm.  After the initial 14 days, the total is the previous 14 days so he has to keep the point value up or there will be consequences.  I’m sure he’ll be writing more about it.   That started yesterday morning and I think that is definitely playing with his head because to get up to the goal, Snake has to do some things that are pushing his comfort zone.  I admit to enjoying the torture just a bit.  🙂

We are definitely still finding our way around the D/s part of our relationship, but, let’s face it, the experimentation is really the fun.

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