An “off” week at the Snake household…

We’ve just had an out-of-sorts week this week.  It started off with a misstep, which caused a misunderstanding, which moved on to a full-scale argument.  We rarely argue.  We bicker.  A lot.  We regularly call each other rude names in public and freak other people out who don’t know that this is our silliness.  We annoy each other like every married couple, but usually nothing really sticks.

Snake has a really slow fuse.  I am explosive but then it’s over in 30 seconds.  Our daughter is just like me and he is always amazed when we go from screaming at each other to giggling in no time flat.  It’s just who we are.  And our differences usually keep things calm because he just rolls his eyes at my rants and all is good.  I’m his sounding board so he rarely gets too angry.  When we start having hurt feelings and miscommunication, all bets are off.

We disagreed on Monday and it continued on through most of Tuesday.  This usually means that we are out of sync for another couple of days.  It is frustrating.  We also have never been able to do the angry sex thing.  We never want to play when things are off.

We also are struggling to learn seven dances to perform in less than a month.  Snake finally decided that he was having too hard of a time with one of them so I am doing it with an instructor.  I don’t want him frustrated (it is supposed to be fun), but that means I need to work with someone that I’m not usually dancing with.  It’s amazing that even when we don’t know all of the moves, it is easier to do them with someone that you really know.

Add to all of the above, Snake is having a few issues with the Steelheart.  It probably is just getting used to it, probably a little bit the PA fixing and probably a little having been out of the cage for the piercing and healing.  It has him very annoyed and frustrated because he wants to be back in it 24/7.

So, things have been off and we’ve been busy so there hasn’t been much play.  We are back on track now, though, so this weekend it will be time for some Snake torment.  🙂

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