He ordered a drink while he waited for her at the bar. She showed up just as it arrived and they awkwardly hugged/shook hands/air kissed.

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It was their first date and both were nervous. She sat down next to him at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. They laughed at the awkward greeting.

“I never know what I should do anymore,” she laughed.

Also laughing, he replied, “I don’t know if I ever did. First dates are always so awkward.”

After a few minutes of the usual questions about work and families, there was a deadly pause. She sipped her drink as she tried to come up with what to say. Her mind wandered and before she knew it, the sentence was out of her mouth.

“What do you think about the new Minecraft version? Aren’t the cherry trees so cool?”

Of course, she had seen artwork on the wall of the bar and it had a stylized cherry on it. And her mind had gone completely nerd on her. She wanted to crawl into the glass of wine.

“They are! You play?” he asked, excitement flushing his cheeks.

“I have for years,” she giggled. “Total nerd. You do too?”

“I have my own server!”

The rest of the people in the bar disappeared into the background as they talked about their mutual gaming passions. About half an hour later, the bartender stopped by and asked if they wanted another drink.

He looked up and realized that he hadn’t touched his first one and the melting ice was making a puddle on the bar. He laughed and shrugged. “Probably a good idea since this one is all water now.”

He turned to her. “Want to take that table over there? We can get some food and continue this.”

She nodded. Best first date ever.

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4 Replies to “Melting”

  1. Urrrgh. *laugh*

    I am working with second graders this school year and one of the things I absolutely do not understand is their fascination with Minecraft. Lol.

    But I do love it when you find someone you can geek-out with. 🙂

    1. LOL! It was more about finding a nerdy game that wasn’t a shooting game because I hate those. They stress me out.

      But it’s so much fun to geek out with someone

  2. wow, that does seem like an amazing first date 😀
    I’m not a fan of Minecraft, but to be able to connect with a potential lover over gaming seems like a dream. Great story 🙂

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