That Staircase

After a long day of meetings, the last thing she wanted to do was happy hour with everyone. She knew it was important for networking, but she was exhausted.

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She glanced up as she passed a break in the buildings and stopped. There was a beautiful staircase leading upstairs that was calling to her. The bar was a couple of streets ahead and she was already late. Sighing, she continued on.

Her face hurt by the time she left with all of the forced smiling. At least there had been food and booze but she was just done peopling for the day. As she walked back to the hotel, she remembered the staircase.

The light was still on so she had to see what was at the top. She took off her shoes and walked up, feeling a sense of peace as she rose above street level.

At the top of the stairs was a beautiful pond leading into a lounge. There was greenery and soft music. The man at the stand asked, “Table for one?”

She turned away from the water to look at him. “Um…I just had to see what was at the top of the stairs. I already ate.”

He smiled. “A drink then? It’s a quiet night here. Maybe I could join you?”

He had kind eyes. And the rest of him wasn’t hard on her eyes either. “That sounds like a perfect end to my day.”

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