The flight was delayed so they missed dinner. As they walked through the casino, she saw him eyeing the machines.

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“Food first,” she said firmly. “I’m starving.”

He looked at the line heading into the buffet. “That will take forever. Can we just grab a sandwich or burger somewhere? I promise tomorrow we’ll do a really nice meal.”

She shook her head. “What makes you so sure you will hit the jackpot tonight? You are never that interested in gambling.”

“Remember that lady in the airport who was talking to me? When I told her we were coming here, she gave me a dollar and told me we’d win if we gambled it tonight.”

She burst out laughing. “That’s just a little woo-woo for me, but whatever. It’s fine, but no fast food. After all of the travel, I want a decent sandwich.”

They went into a small sandwich shop tucked into the back of the casino and got a couple of sandwiches. She felt better after some food and said, “Well, let’s go get rich.”

“No scoffing! It will break her spell.”

“Whatever, dude. Am I allowed to watch or will that break the spell too?”

“No, she specifically said ‘us.'”

There was a lingerie shop on the way and there was a gorgeous corset in the window. He nodded at it. “I’ll buy that for you when we strike it rich. That way I strike it rich twice,” he laughed.

They wandered past quite a few banks of slot machines. He’d stop and then move on. “What are you looking for?” she finally asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ll know it when I see it.”

“I should have worn sneakers.”

Finally, his eyes lit up and he headed directly for a machine. “This is the one.”

She looked up at it. “Why?”

“Can’t you see? That bewitching woman looks just like you. It has to be a sign.”

He put the dollar in the slot and pushed the button. As the reels started slowing down, there were matching 7s in the first slots. “Come on,” he muttered.

As the last matching 7 hit the last reel, the machine started ringing. He grabbed her and picked her up, spinning her in a circle. “See? I told you. You were the muse.”

She laughed. “You just keep your promise–I want that corset. And then? Upstairs. We have some luck to try out.”

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