They were finishing up the shopping for her classroom. Easter was next week and she was buying little trinkets and candy for treats. He grabbed a bag of jelly beans and tossed them into the cart.

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“What are those for? I can’t separate those out for the kids.”

“They are for us. We deserve a treat.”

“You mean, you. You know I don’t like them. I used to hate getting them in the bottom of my Easter basket. They had plastic grass all over them and they got stuck in my teeth.”

He looked around. “What about the little chocolate eggs? Or the weird one that looks like an egg inside?”

“I mean, the foil ones are okay. They are just a lot of work for not a lot of payoff. And gross. No.”

“So what do you like? I know what you like for normal treats, but what about Easter ones? We’ve never bought stuff before.”

She laughed. “True. I do really like a chocolate bunny like this one.” She pulled a small foil-covered one off the nearby shelf.

He looked at the small bunny and frowned. Reaching behind her, he grabbed the largest one on the shelf. The ears must have been close to a foot long. “How about this one? That one is just sad.”

Giggling, she put the other one back. “Are you saying that size matters?”

He burst out laughing. “When it comes to chocolate bunnies, yes, size matters.” He put the massive bunny in the cart and moved on.

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