The sun was shining and the perfect day to go to the fair. It was always a fun day with junk food, silly games, and walking through the exhibits.

They had just finished corndogs and funnel cake. “Where next?” she asked.

“Let’s go wander past the rides.”

“Really? They are usually so hokey and expensive.”

“We’ll look. Maybe we’ll find something that looks fun.”

She took another look at him. He looked like he was up to something. “Okay…” They headed in the direction of the midway. They walked past the barns and she said, “Sure you don’t want to just go in there?”

He shook his head. “Maybe later.” He was definitely up to something. Pete could spend hours looking at the cows and mooing at them.

As they passed the games, they stopped and watched a boy trying to win the big stuffed animal for the girl next to him. “One more time?” she asked, batting her eyes. Of course, he put down the money for another shot. Pete looked at her and laughed. “I remember those times.”

She laughed. “I think I still have that ugly monkey somewhere.”

He pulled her in the direction of the funhouse. “How about that?”

“Seriously? That’s as bad, maybe worse, than a corn maze. And that creepy clown at the door isn’t helping matters one bit.”

“Come on…it’ll be fun.” He looked so hopeful that she couldn’t say no.

“Fine. But you owe me ice cream later.” They bought tickets and walked up to the clown. He didn’t look any less creepy up close. He took their tickets with a sigh and waved them on.

It was dark after the bright sunshine and they took a minute to let their eyes adjust. There were mirrors everywhere. She felt dizzy looking at herself fragmented on every wall. He called to her, “Come on!”

As she turned, she realized that she couldn’t tell which direction he’d gone. He was in front of her, but not. She reached her hand out and touched a solid mirror. Turning, she headed in the other direction only to find another dead end. Damn it. That’s why she hated these things. “Where are you?”

“Turn to your left and follow my voice.”

That wasn’t exactly helpful when everything was echoing in there. She headed in that direction and came to another dead end. “Pete, come on. This isn’t funny.” She felt something brush by her and she jumped.

A hand reached out to move her hair aside and she let out a little squeak. Then she saw Pete behind her and relaxed. He kissed her neck. “See? This can be fun.”

“Yeah, until we can’t find our way out and they find our desiccated bodies here.” He burst out laughing.

“I’m pretty sure they would find us when they are packing up and the fair closes tomorrow night.” His hands slid down her sides and started pulling up her skirt. “Besides, I can make it worth the risk.”

She looked at his reflection in the mirror. “That seems a bit risky.”

“How many other people are in here? No one else likes the funhouse either. Wanna have a quickie?”

She knew she should say no. Then she looked around at their images reflected back in so many different angles. The thought of watching themselves that way was really hot. She grinned.

“Okay. But it better be quick and now I’m expecting hot fudge…”

He started pulling down her underwear as he adjusted his bulge. “Definitely worth some hot fudge…”

Erotic Fiction

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