W is for Winter

Unlike most of the world, we tend to love snow when we get it in Tucson. Cold weather tends to bring out the grumpiness in most people here because they moved here to avoid that.

cactus clouds and mountains
Photo by Burhan Naeem on Pexels.com

Snow, though, is a bit more magical. We get it quite often on the mountains around the city, but not that often in the actual valley. There’s something very surreal about the cactus having white hats.

We’ve even had a white Christmas one year. At our house, we’ve also had snow on a couple of New Years’ Eves. It’s the perfect way to end one year and start a new one. And one year we actually had snow for Easter. That was the latest I think we ever have.

And in February 2019, we had over 2 inches of snow. This might not sound like a lot, but it shut down flights and closed a lot of businesses in the city. And, of course, Snake and I missed it. We were in Vegas at the time on a trip.

Instead of snow, winter here tends to be our second rainy season. In a good year, we’ll have nearly half of our yearly rainfall in the winter months. Instead of the crazy thunderstorms that happen in the summer, we’ll have long rainy days, perfect for a fire and book.

The best part of winter in Tucson? No shoveling, snowball fights less than an hour away and plenty of warm sunny days. Did I mention no shoveling?

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