O is for Ornament

He came out to her taking a photograph of the tree. It wouldn’t have been that unusual except she still hadn’t put clothes on yet. As he walked behind her, he noticed that he could see their reflection in one of the tree ornaments.

close up photo of christmas ball
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

“You taking some sexy pictures for me?” he asked.

“What? No.”

“You know you can see yourself in that ornament right there? In all your glory.”

She scrolled back through the pictures she had taken. “OMG. I’m in them.”

“I know,” he smirked. “I think they are perfect.”

“Not for my mom!”

He smiled. “Probably not. She probably doesn’t need to see you in that sexy lingerie. I, on the other hand,” he slid his arm around her waist, “think that I would like to see even more of you.”

She turned to give him a deep kiss. “But what about the pictures of the tree? I promised to send her some today.”

He started to kiss down her neck as he unclasped her bra. “I promise to get some for you. Later. I have more important things to do right now.”

She leaned into him. “Far be it for me to stop you from completing these important things. How can I help?”

He took a nipple into his mouth. “I think I’ve got things covered.”

Hissing, she nodded. “I think you’re right.”

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