E is for Experience

As I write this, we are in the process of getting ready to head out of town on Saturday. We are going to spend Christmas with our family in WDW.

photo of castle during daytime
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Yes. In December when it will be crazy. When the parks will be packed with people and it will be challenging to get on rides.


We bought a timeshare there years ago because we love the parks. It allows us to go more often (excluding recent years) and relax instead of having to pack everything in. Yes, we are extremely fortunate to have this and we know it.

We’ve done Disneyland before and after Christmas in the past. It’s closer and they were wonderful trips. We also did an extended family trip to WDW about 10 years ago which allowed Snake to take his dad and stepmom. His dad died in January 2021 and he spoke of that trip often. It’s a wonderful memory to have.

We’ve done the Food and Wine Festival in WDW which we loved. And several summer vacations over the years. We’ve always avoided Christmas, though. This year we decided that it was time. It will be insane. It will also be magical and unforgettable family memories.

And that’s precisely why we initially bought the timeshare. I can’t wait to see the excitement, the wonder, the fake snow, and, of course, The Mouse.

3 thoughts on “E is for Experience”

  1. Love that quote at the end, so true, and so the way I want my life to be now, and how it was for the past year. I wish you a wonderful time at WDW. Such a great thing to have a time share where you can escape to. Enjoy!
    ~ Marie xox

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