After the Movie

The movie was great, a real popcorn-worthy movie with all the action, comedy, and raucous fun that good movies have. We’d had dinner, the movie, the drinks, it was a great night.

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As we get in the car, she leans over, and kisses me, long and increasingly hard. She knows what that does to me, and when she slowly draws back, she’s smiling.

“Before we get going, you need to take that cage off, please.” She’s dangling the key in front of me. I look around, pausing. Trying to wrap my head around this. I mean, sure, I get what it means to unlock, but this is… different.

“OK, I’ll just move us over there… ”

“Nope. Here. Now,” she says. “Pants off, cage off. Trust me, you’ll need it that way.”

Hmmm… I look around, the windows are well-tinted, so I’m not overly worried, but we’re also not overly public sex kind of people, so I’m really curious where this is headed… but at the same time, my lizard brain takes over a bit and, well, yeah.

I strip down, being careful to keep everything below the sightline as far as I can tell. She pulls out first one die, then another, and hands them to me.

“Roll the dice please.” She hands them to me, then grabs my cock, which woke up long ago and squeezes. Sometimes harshly, sometimes not, but it feels…amazing.

I’m dying to ask exactly what she has in mind. At the same time, I’m not really in a position to force the issue.

I roll the dice.

The first is a 2. The second, is a 4.

“Nice!” she says. “You should be able to accomplish that, no problem. So, 6 total, yes? We won’t even need the 3rd dice for the multiplier, I don’t want to drive you completely crazy.”

“Um, yes. I guess.”

“So here’s the deal. You owe me 6 edges at my hand at at least 4 different stops, off the road, before we can go home. So, start planning -where we’ll be stopping…”

She pulls lube out from under the seat, which, of course, she’d hidden there prior to our date night.

She keeps her hand on me, squeezes me one more time, then, pulls back, puts her seatbelt on, then leans over to kiss me. “Shall we?” she says.

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