C is for Chocolate

“What are you doing?” He had walked into the kitchen to find her grating dark chocolate.

close up shot of black chocolate
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“I told you that I was going to make brownies,” she said as she moved the dark chocolate to the side.

“Like, from scratch?”

“You act like I’ve never baked from scratch before,” she laughed.

“No, I act like someone with a mom that hates to cook. Boxed potatoes and every shortcut in the world were our norm. You are spoiling me.”

She turned to kiss him over her shoulder. “I like baking. Cooking is fine, it’s a necessity, but baking is fun. And it’s fun to spoil you sometimes.”

“If you are making dessert, maybe I can deal with dinner. I’m not cooking it, but I order delivery really well.”

“That sounds good. What were you thinking?”

“Something not too heavy. I mean, the chocolate is going to get you horny so I want to be on my best game when you are ready.”

“I what?”

“Isn’t dark chocolate supposed to be an aphrodisiac?”

“Yes, but so are oysters and if you try to feed them to me, I’ll be out the door.”

He laughed. “Fair. But a guy can hope.”

“You better put some action behind that hope after those comments, buddy. I am now expecting to be spoiled so you can regain my adoration.”

“I’m guessing rose petals leading to the bed isn’t what you are thinking about?”

She turned to glare at him. “At this rate, you aren’t getting lucky until the next time I feel like baking.”

Putting his hands up in surrender, he started back to the living room. “I think I’ll just go out here and try to find a dinner that is worthy of my queen. And plan to sit at your feet until you agree to forgive this thoughtless knave for his transgressions.”

She called back over her shoulder, “Add in those rose petals too. I still might be horny after the chocolate.” She giggled as she put the brownies in the oven to bake.

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