R is for Rising Tide

He watched her sitting in the water with the waves pushing the water around her body. The tide was coming in and he had seen the water slowly splashing farther up her legs.

young woman relaxing on seashore
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Her face was turned toward the sun with her eyes closed. He was curious about what she was thinking as she sat so still with just the water moving her body.

He realized that he had been watching her for over half an hour as he stood on his hotel balcony. If he was going for that jog before dinner, he definitely needed to get moving.

Did he really want to go jog? Or did he really want to put on his swim trunks and go talk to the beautiful woman on the beach? He looked up and down the beach. It was deserted. Shouldn’t he use that space to jog since he wouldn’t have to swerve between towels and children?

He looked at the woman again. No. He wasn’t going to give up the chance to sit in the water with her. Yes, he might get sent away but it was worth the risk to be close to her. Find out what she was thinking. Feel the sun that she was enjoying.

He changed and headed down to the beach. As he walked across the warm sand, he couldn’t help himself. He took a picture of her with his phone. It was such a perfect moment that he knew it wouldn’t be captured exactly, but it was going to remind him of this trip.

He walked just behind her, his feet splashing in the water a bit, and she shaded her eyes to look at him. “I thought you were going for a jog.”

“I was, but this gorgeous woman on the beach distracted me and I decided I’d see if I might be lucky enough to spend some time with her.”

She patted the sand beside her. “I think that can be arranged.” After he sat down, she turned and kissed him. “I was just thinking about how much fun it would be to have sex right here with the water flowing over us.”

Her comments went straight to his groin. “Um…that would be fun. But I don’t think it’s very private and I don’t want us arrested for indecent exposure.”

She pouted. “Fine. What about that giant chair on our balcony? At least we could hear the water.”

He looked back up at their room. “Still not very private.”

“Chicken,” she taunted.

He pulled her on top of him in the water. “Am not. How about we start here and finish up there?” She leaned down to kiss him again.

“Good compromise.”

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