R is for Recluse

It was a lazy Saturday with no plans which was rare. They jumped in the car to go for a ride to look at the changing leaves.

Photo by Leyla Kılıç at Pexels.com

“I wonder who lives there,” she mused as they passed by a small, almost deserted-looking house.

He looked out her window as they drove past. “I think that’s a huge assumption that anyone lives there. It looks abandoned.”

“I bet there’s someone living there who has a tunnel going into that hill. A huge mansion is there, but they use the old facade to keep thieves away from their treasures.”

“I think you are watching too many fantasy shows. Can you imagine how much work it would be to carve a mansion inside that hill? And the electricity bill since there would be no windows for light. “

“Maybe they have an alternative source of power that you can’t see. And see? Your disbelief of the possibility proves what a perfect lair it would be.”

He laughed. “Yes, it would be. But, I think it’s still just an old abandoned house.”

“We’ll see. We are stopping on the way back. And if there is a reclusive millionaire in there, I expect you to apologize for scoffing.” She grinned and leaned back into her seat, looking at the foliage, and watching his astonished look out of the corner of her eye.

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