H is for Holding Hands

As we walk through the park, he points to an elderly couple sitting on a bench holding hands. “That will be us one day.”

photo of holding hands
Photo by Sơn Bờm on Pexels.com

“There’s no reason we can’t hold hands now,” I laugh.

“Of course not, but that’s not what I mean. Can you imagine all of the memories they have together? I am so looking forward to looking back over our lives like that.”

As we get to the car, I turn to him. “You know, it is possible that they don’t have a lifetime of memories together. It could be that they are new lovers and they are just here taking a break before they go back and fuck some more.”

It’s his turn to laugh. “Way to kill the romance.”

“Oh, it’s totally possible. It was more that I was thinking about us when we get home.”

“Are you now?” He gets into the car and starts the engine. “And what are we going to do?”

“I was thinking about holding hands.”

“That’s…not what I thought you meant.”

“What did you think?” I ask, batting my lashes.

“Something a little more salacious.”

“Look at you with the big words. Who says it can’t be both?”

As we pull into the garage, I can see the wheels turning in your head. “I am now extremely curious about what you have in mind. And more than a little horny.”

Smirking, I head to the bedroom. By the time you get there, I’ve removed all of my clothing, which is in a pile next to the bed. “Strip,” I command.

“As you wish.” Quickly you are completely naked as well.

“On the bed and on your back.” After you are settled, I get on top of you, just teasing as you try to enter me. “Not yet. The rules are that we are going to hold hands as we fuck. If you let go, it all stops.”

“That sounds easy.”

I grab your hands in mine and slowly, agonizingly so, start sliding down onto your cock. As I stop right at the tip and wiggle a bit, you let out an exasperated huff. You let go and start to reach for my hips to push me farther. In less than half a second you realize what you’ve done and reach for my hands.

“Sorry. The rules were clear. Now you can think about those future memories as I get a shower.” I reach in the drawer for the waterproof vibrator. “I am going to take a bath. I’m really horny.” I can hear you saying “fuck” under your breath and throwing the pillow over your face as I close the door.

Erotic Fiction

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