P is for Perspective

“If you get at the right angle, all you can see are the eaves of the houses. They look tiny, but they are perfect!”

three pink green and yellow houses
Photo by Jeffrey Czum on Pexels.com

You look at me. I’m laying on my stomach on the picnic blanket and have my head resting on my folded arms. Following my gaze, you see the row of pastel-colored houses across the street.

“I suppose that would be true,” you say slowly. “Of course, I can get the same effect with my hand covering the bottom of the houses.”

“Where’s the challenge in that?”

You look at me. “I guess it’s all perspective. We just go about things differently.”

I sit up. “But I like challenges. Like, for instance, taking off my bra sitting here and seeing if I can not attract the attention of anyone but you.” I reach behind me and unhook my bra, then slowly thread it through the arms of my shirt. You watch every movement and I can see your shorts tighten as I toss it in your lap. “Challenges are fun.”

Shifting a bit, you nod. “I can see your point. Maybe I need to look at things from your perspective more often.”

“I agree. Scoot over closer to me.” You move over and my hand slides into your shorts and you jump. “You aren’t very good at this subtle thing, are you?” I grin.

“I wasn’t expecting that!”

“That’s part of the challenge, silly.” I slide my hand higher and inside your briefs. Your eyes close. “That’s not very subtle either.” I start to stroke you and you move back quickly.

“I think I’m going to fail this challenge. If you don’t stop, I’m going to have a very noticeable spot on my shorts.”

I laugh. “That would just make it more challenging to get to the car.”

You shake your head. “I’m not quite that brave. How about we take this activity home?”

“If you insist. But I guarantee there will be a consequence for giving up on the challenge.”

Raising your eyebrows, you say, “Oh?”

“Sorry. No clues. You’ll just have to imagine your next challenge.” I stand up. “Oh, and don’t forget my bra,” I call out as I start towards the car. I smile at the couple who is sitting nearby as I walk past.

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