M is for Mistake

I remember starting middle school and suddenly we had to write with pens. Pencils were only for math class. What if I made a mistake?

person making mistakes while writing on notepad
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Yesterday I wrote about my dad’s moderation quote. Another one of his favorites was

That’s why they put erasers on pencils.

I used to hate re-writing things constantly because we were required to write in pen and I would make a mistake in an essay. Sure, on tests they would let you cross something out because of time constraints, but on homework? You just had to write it again. Yes, I’m old enough to not have done all of my work on a computer.

I remember the pens that could be erased. They were supposed to be the Holy Grail because you wouldn’t have to rewrite things. Yeah, right. Instead, the ink just smudged across the page as you moved your hand. This was an epic fail.

Cool, Charmer, but WTAF made you think about pencils, pens, and erasable pens?

“Make mistakes, just don’t make them permanent.”

James Clear

I read this in a blog post and loved it. Mistakes are a daily occurrence. If we didn’t make them, we’d never grow and change. Some mistakes are fortuitous and end up with great results. Others? Just learn from them and don’t lean in.

If it sounds preachy, I don’t mean it that way. It’s my current mantra when getting rid of clutter. The fact that I bought something that didn’t work out doesn’t mean that the object needs to stay in the house forever and judge me. Out the door it goes.

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