F is for Flexible

“We should have kept the hotel for another night,” she said, looking around the empty house. “We don’t even have our bed to sleep on.”

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“I can’t believe the movers couldn’t get here today. We’ve had them booked for months,” he agreed. “I’m just glad that the couch was delivered and the WiFi was turned on.”

“I guess we’ll go out to dinner then? There are groceries, but nothing to cook with,” she said. “I had planned a nice dinner here for our first night in our new place.”

He looked around. “Give me an hour and I’ll be back. We can still have a nice dinner.”

She looked skeptical, but nodded. “I guess I’ll take a shower.”

Almost to the dot, he was back in an hour with several bags. “Stay in the bedroom until I tell you to come out. I want it to be a surprise.” He put the food in the kitchen and set up some candles and a comforter in front of the couch. Pulling the pillows off the couch, he finished making a little nest for them.

Next came the wine complete with plastic glasses and lighting the candles. He nodded and set up the computer where they could watch a movie. And then the pizza. Heading back to the bedroom, he smiled. “Close your eyes,” he said to her.

He led her down the hall to the living room. “Okay, you can open them now.”

She opened her eyes and gasped. “Oh, Jason, this is wonderful!” And that pizza smells amazing.” She turned to kiss him. “Thank you for making our first night special.”

“Sometimes I can be flexible,” he laughed. They sat down and he handed her a glass of wine. “To us and our new place. May we make lots of wonderful memories here.”

She raised her glass to his and then took a sip. “I think we should start making some as soon as we eat that pizza. We’ll definitely both need our strength.”

He handed her a slice of pizza. “Then by all means, I think we should eat.”

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  1. Only when you move to a new house, you realize how often you use your stove and even how few dishes you can makes with only an oven 😅

    Great story 🙂

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