L is for Leather and Lace

She walked in and saw him looking at an image on the computer. He was a photographer and it wasn’t unusual to see beautiful women on his screen.

Photo by Philipe Carvalho at Pexels.com

“Leather or lace?” she asked.

He looked up, confused. “Leather or lace?”

“Are you more attracted to the leather or the lace? Or the hat or jeans?”

He looked back at the photo. “Do I have to pick just one? Although, I’d rather have been shooting photos of you than her.”

“I’m not jealous,” she laughed. “I was just curious what aspect of the photo drew your attention.”

He turned back to the screen with a more critical eye. “I think it’s the contrast between the leather and lace. I feel like the texture of the jeans is a lot and I probably would adjust that if I was going to do it again. The hat was actually more to shade her face because it was really sunny. She was squinting,” he laughed.

“Maybe after you finish, I’ll let you take some pictures of me.”

“Really? You hate that.”

“I hate when you have a vision and you don’t tell me what you want. I don’t mind modeling for you.”

“Leather and lace?”

“I’ll see what I can find. Give me a few minutes.”

She could feel his eyes on her back as she walked away. A sneaky smile quickly crossed her face and she went into the bedroom. She knew exactly what she would pull out. The new lace teddy would work perfectly and her red leather jacket was one of his favorites. She fluffed her hair and went back down the hall. “Does this work?”

He looked up and she thought she actually saw his mouth drop. “Uh…”

“Use your words, honey,” she smirked.

“There are no words for how sexy you look. That was totally unfair expecting an intelligent response.”

“Backyard work for some pictures?”

He looked outside. “What if Bob is outside working in the yard?”

She opened the door. “Then I guess we’ll find out if he’s a fan of leather, lace or both…” She stepped outside. He quickly grabbed his camera and followed.

“Hi, Bob!” he heard as he stepped onto the porch. He quickly looked over and saw nothing. “Gotcha.” She laughed and started pulling the jacket down. “Don’t forget your camera while you gawk.”

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