B is for Border

Snake and I are at a figurative border between past and future. There are things that are resolving themselves in family life and after they are resolved, we are looking towards our future.

train railway near trees
Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

This is a time of waiting and excitement. The waiting is frustrating and the future, while some plans have been loosely made, is unknown. I found this quote and it felt like the perfect one for our life.

“I am standing on a thin border between past and future. Waiting for madness to come.”

Dina Nayeri

It’s such a good description of life. We stand on this little precipice of time–having our past as a reference point and our future as a point of light. But life only happens in this madness-filled piece where we are right now.

And those are the deep philosophical thoughts of Charmer for today…

While I was looking at quotes, I found this one as well. I’m just including it because I found it full of truth and universality.

“We drift from the safe places of our childhood. There is no going back. Like stories, villages and cities are always growing or fading or melding into each other. We are all immigrants from the past, and home lives inside the memory, where we lock it up and pretend it is unchanged.”

Dina Nayeri

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