O is for Onward

“Would you like the check?” he asked as he picked up the empty glass left by her companion. She could tell he was thinking she had been dumped and left with the bill.

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels

“Not yet,” she smiled. “Could you bring me another?” He nodded and left to place the order.

Looking around the bustling restaurant, she was a sea of calm at the end of the lunch hour rush. She felt at peace, even excited, about her future. She looked down at her phone as the screen lit up.

Did you do it?

She picked up her phone and replied. Yes, I did. He tried hard to convince me to stay, but I told him my mind was made up. Even tried bribery. She ended it with a laughing emoji.

Celebration dinner tonight then. I’m so excited for your (our) future! Gtg–love you!

Her drink arrived as she put down her phone. She looked at the beautiful glass, took a sip, and pulled out a notebook.

It was time to create the new and improved future.

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