Sunrise, Sunset Bootcamp (1)

Sometimes, it’s great to re-inject some new energy, some new rules, and some new unknowns into a relationship. Sometimes, it’s time for a sort of “BootCamp” – where you need to be more strict on key items, more active in some.

As we climb into bed for the night, you roll over and I hear you whispering. I can’t make it out, not quite, so I ask you what you said. You repeat it, still whispering.

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“This is how closely I expect you to be paying attention to me tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m the only thing in your mind’s eye. Tomorrow, you’re my most attentive attendant. I need you to be ever-present, never in the way, paying attention, and never overbearing.”

Well, this could be very interesting, I think to myself. It’s also running a serious risk of getting it wrong. Of not knowing something you need. “May I offer you choices in the moment?” I ask.

“Yes, as long as there isn’t any other way to figure out what is needed, and you may not constantly be bugging me with such things. Figure it out. 10-star-hotel kind of service. From sunrise to sunset…”

I start singing, as I always do…. “sunrise, sunse…” You cut me off. “Stop, I’m serious. Now get your rest, you’ll need it.”

I set my clock for an hour before you normally get up on the weekend, I want to make sure I’m awake when you’re getting up, because I want to make sure I get what you need.

I wake up just before my alarm, turn it off, then roll quietly out of bed. I wait to make sure you’re not stirring, then quietly walk out of the room. I start your day’s tea, get the house ready to wake up when you do, and gather some things that I think you’ll like. I go back to the room, with enough time to be a bit early for your wakeup, and sit on the floor, facing away from the bed, and wait.

I hear your alarm music start to fade in and get up to turn it off for you. As I stand next to the bed, I wait quietly for you to finish waking up. “Good morning Ma’am…” I bow a bit to you and hold out your fluffy robe, newly run through the dryer that morning just long enough to have it at maximum fluffiness. You grin and I know we’re off to a good start.

“I’ll start your shower for you, then and will be back in 16 minutes just before you’re ready to get out,” I say as you pad off to the bathroom without a word.

I return in exactly 15 minutes to wait until the appointed time. I enter the bathroom quietly, sit on the floor, your towels in my lap.

As you get out, I hand each to you….

“Oh! They’re warm!” you say as you snuggle into them.

“Yes, of course, Ma’am. ”

Your tea is on the counter, ready to go.

You drop your towel, to change and hesitate. “Oops,” you say playfully. I grab the towel and offer it to you. You turn away, then point to your neck.

It only takes me a moment and I hold your shoulders softly and kiss your neck. I hear you start to purr just a bit, then you shift your weight and point to the other side of your neck, still facing away from me. I kiss you slowly up your neck from your shoulder, and feel your body relax just a bit more.

“Thank you, that’ll be all,” you say. I hand the fluffy towel to you to finish drying, then each of your clothing items as you point to them. But on each, you wave it away when I get close to you. Then you point to your robe and put it back on.

You start to leave and I pick up the bathroom quickly and follow you.

On the counter, I have a second cup of tea, ready and waiting.

“Cheese, toast, English muffin, yogurt or fruit, Ma’am?” I ask

“Yes please,” you say. “Outside, in the ramada please, I’m not sure which, so imagine you’re on a cruise ship and, well, bring it all. ” You walk out to the back porch and to the ramada, enjoying the morning, and your robe. Once you’re sitting down, you make a show of opening the robe–like sunbathing in the nude, but in the shade.

This. This is what I walk out to with your food on a tray laid out to select what you like.

“Where, oh where is my tea?” you grin. I leave to grab it, and a tray table you can use to hold the various food items. I’m pretty sure you just need me to leave so I can return and have the chance to take you in – all of you – as I come across the yard.

When I return, I kneel patiently off to the side while you look at the food items. You pick one, point to it, and wait. You only pick one at a time, so I’m in a mode of get up, get the food item to you, place it, and kneel back down. Each time, as you pick one, you wave another back to the tray of items. It’s like you’re just nibbling on each, but trying every one of them.

Between all of these, you’re just drenched in the morning light. There is still coolness in the air, it’s simply a perfect morning.

“You’re doing well so far,” you say. “But there is more to come. Later, we’ll play a game that will help you do some…. performances for me. I strongly suggest you get some nourishment at some point in order to pull it off. Depending on how the game goes, it could be fun, painful, highly erotic, or just plain orgasmic for me.”

“Oh, who am I kidding, I guarantee it’ll be the latter at the very least….”

I start to get up to get something to eat and stop cold. I look at you and you have this freezing look on your face. I dare not move. All smiles, smirks, and playfulness are suddenly missing.

“I most certainly did NOT say to get up or anything else. I was saying that somehow, at some point, you need nourishment. It will not be on my proverbial nickel, you’ll have to figure out times to grab a bite or something.”

I kneel back on my knees.

“Good boy” you say, eating a blackberry. “Very good boy.”

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