Spices are the stuff of life

He slid in behind her as she stood at the stove, making that sauce that was to die for. Wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him, slightly back from the stove, he smelled her hair first, then her neck.

“Mmmmmm, smells so gooooooood!”

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He nuzzled into her neck, purring just slightly into her as she lifted the spoon she was using the stir and waved it at him comically. “You know, I really have to get this done. But at the same time, I just don’t really feel like stopping this nuzzling thing that you’ve got going on.”

She leaned back into him, closing her eyes in the moment, mid-stir, and mid-shake of the cayenne. It had been a long day for both of them, and they were both in need of some TLC.

“Yes, I know. Dinner, all that. But you do smell great! And dinner does, too. So…”

She spun in his arms, facing him, kissing him, draping her arm behind him before realizing she still had the spoon in her hand, and it was dripping down his back now. “Youch!” he cries out. “That’s hot!” She pulls back in a flash, realizing what’s going on. “Sorry… I, just, ”

He pulled her back in, grinning, “I really have to get this sauce spiced up and ready to go,” she says, just before he begins nibbling on her neck, mumbling “Mmmmhmmmm” softly into her. She reaches to her side, adding the various spices, in a somewhat casual fashion… “A bit of this, a bit of that…”

He spins her around, facing the stove again, and runs his hands up her back, under her top, with just the lightest of touches.

She melts. It feels amazing and she gets lost in the moment, taking in all of the sensations. He’s running his fingers up and down her back, pushing all of her buttons, while also bending over, kissing her neck. It’s a moment that seems to go on forever, and only seconds all at once.

Finally, he nibbles her ear and whispers “I think we better tend to that sauce or pull it off the stove, otherwise…”

She blinks, not registering. “OH! The sauce!” She reaches over and adds the spices blankly, just wishing he hadn’t stopped.

Finally, at dinner, she sheepishly walks out with the dishes. “So, about dinner…”

“Hush, I know it’ll be amazing!” he says. “Your cooking is incredible.”

“Well, it might be a bit, well, spicey.”

As they sat down and began eating, he tried to keep his poker face. She was having none of it. She could tell, right away, that he was struggling.

“See, I think I added the spices, um, 3 times. And in varying amounts. So, yeah. Hot.”

His mouth was on fire. He was going for the water, the ice, pretty much anything to calm the screaming spices in his mouth.

Finally, with the flames easing a little, he coughed out an acknowledgment of the spices.

There is a long silence, each looking at the other, almost smiling, but trying not to, still worrying that it would be taken wrong.

Suddenly, she bursts out laughing, and does the same. “Well, that’s one way to add a bit of spice to things…” he says, laughing so hard that tears are streaming down his face.

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