Curious… as a cat

Curiosity in this thing we do… is dangerous. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a passing comment about “did you see that thing on that blog?” – I don’t often mean it as more than a “huh, that’s different…” and yet quite often, I’ll get a message back that simply states…

“Get it please.”

selective focus photo of grey cat
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I mean, I’m about as open as the next person on trying new things, and sure, my mind has wandered (and wondered) from time to time about what “X” or “Y” is all about. But as many times as not, it’s true curiosity. But with Charmer, curiosity = exploration.

And ya know, it’s made for some very interesting times.

Like the time trying sounding for the first time. We did. Well, she did with me. She drove. That was a spin I’d never expected. It never occurred to me that I might not be driving. And ya know, it was amazing.

Like chastity.

Like impact play.

Like various toys and such.

Like… well, D/s.

I love that we still look for and try things. It doesn’t go as we expected sometimes, sometimes it’s just too much, or too little or not what we find out we like. But we try it! We’ve learned so much, and I feel like things change over time, too. Like you almost have to revisit some things after a bit.

I think it comes from a couple of things – our tastes may change, and my tolerance(!) may change (like enjoying more or less ouchy things). or perhaps our mindset changes. We’re more open to trying something.

No matter what, I think one of the biggest things D/s and this thing we do has taught me is to embrace curiosity. As they say with the force, “let it flow through you.” It’s led to some very, very interesting times.

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