Absolutely Not Now, It’s Time for Yoga

You fire up that yoga channel on YouTube – the one you’ve been following religiously now for quite some time. It’s a daily thing, I’m jealous – and at the same time, so very impressed because I can SEE the changes in you. Physically, mentally.

woman in downward dog pose
Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels.com

In fact, that’s exactly what’s getting me in trouble this morning. I love to stand just outside the room and watch. It’s amazing how your body bends and tenses and responds to your routines. Each is different. But no matter the routine, it’s a blast to watch.

I’m taking it in, taking YOU in, and enjoying your workout which has just begun.

You press pause, look me dead in the eye, and just shake your head. “You do like my yoga, don’t you?” You ask. “Yes, yes I do,” I smirk.

“Good… do me a favor, count for me, out loud, to 10 please.”

I know I’m in trouble.

I count. “Good, that’s good,” You say. “Now, that same cadence, can you remember that?”

“um, sure….?”

“OK, good. So, for every downward dog I do, it’s 2x the cadence. For the duration of the downward dog. If it’s multiple, just maintain that rate. When the downward dog is done, you can go back to normal cadence.”

I stand there, blinking. “What in the world are you talking about?” I ask.

You pause.

“Well, since you get enjoyment out of my yoga, or, rather, watching my yoga, I’m going to get enjoyment out of you watching it… So, before I start. You get must be hard. Those counts? Strokes. Don’t make it to the end, well, it’ll hurt. A lot. “

“I remember back in the day when yoga was just one-sided…” I say. I laugh.

You don’t.

“Best drop your shorts. I’m about to begin and I’m so not kidding,” you tell me. “Now.”

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