Enjoying the Pool…

It’s one of those amazing desert nights. The temperature is perfect, the wind is just this very slight breeze, the desert smells because of all of the blooms and plants that are soaking up the recent rains are just incredible. We’re sitting in the pool, just enjoying a glass of wine, talking, and watching the bats fly around, getting their early-evening feast.

“There’s one!” you whisper, and point to the west – I can just make him out against the incredible orange skies as the sun settles in and the last bits of color leave the sky.

grayscale photo of woman in a pool
Photo by Alesia Kozik on Pexels.com

We sit there, watching, listening. We can even make out the sounds of our neighborhood owls, talking back and forth, probably planning our demise. It’s an amazing evening, hanging off the wall of the pool, letting the water push back and forth slowly against us.

You slowly move in front of me, wrapping your legs around me, followed by your arms around my neck. You nuzzle in and I can hear you making this purring noise kiddingly. We let it all soak in and just. do. nothing.

I start to walk slowly around the pool, you still attached to me, just wandering, feeling the water between us, around us. We’ve both slipped into silence in the moment. It’s one of those times where you can just feel it pulling on you to just, well, not say anything.

You kiss me, softly at first, then less so. Moving your fingers up, around my head, holding me in place as you kiss me more deeply and now it’s my turn to purr just a bit. When you pull back a bit, you’re smiling, as am I, and you slowly let go of me.

I whimper, feeling the water rush in between us. ‘shhh… just 2 seconds. I’m going to go turn off that pool light.” It always feels different somehow being in the pool with no light on. It’s odd how that can change the feel of the water.

As you get out, it’s like a scene a movie, yes, that one. With water pouring off you at first, then dripping. Your hair wet, and you’re outlined in the moonlight that is settling in. You make a show of sashaying over to the light, turning it off, then walking back to the pool edge.

Just before you step in, you drop the bathing suit top, and bottom, on the pool deck. You’re making a show now of soaking in the moonlight, startlight, and my gaze. I don’t dare say a word.

You slip slowly, oh so slowly, into the water.

You swim over to me again, wrapping yourself around me. Your body warmth, my thoughts, all conspiring to take any chill that may have existed, and throwing it over the back wall.

You nuzzle into my neck again, this time kissing it first, then nibbling at me. My body is responding, it’s like all of this electricity is suddenly coursing through me, confusing the whole “live in the moment” thing and adding in “rawr!” – and you whisper in my ear softly as I feel one of your hands on me, moving in this almost comically slow speed up the leg of my own suit.

I’m trying to keep my composure, keep holding you up in the pool, play cool. All of those things. All of those things you’re “supposed” to do. But I’m starting to lose this battle.

You run your other hand down my back, nails softly digging into my back as you kiss me again. When you pull away after your hand is almost down my back, you simply mutter “Delicious…” and press into me again.

“Seems we need to move out of this pool and to better quarters, don’t you think?” you ask, not changing your hold on me. “Just seems such a pity to toss away this night though. Perhaps we should, well, lay out here, ya know, to soak up some moonshine and starlight. Or something.”


Wicked Wednesday

6 Replies to “Enjoying the Pool…”

  1. I love this, the intimacy, the playfulness. Just beautiful.
    And incidentally, I agree about being in a pool in the dark – there’s just something special about it.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Damn I miss visiting Kitten when she lived in Arizona and “winter” nights. Not to mention the walled backyard and in ground pool. Nice story and fond memories.

  3. I agree with the others who’ve commented on how sexy and sensual your prose are, describing a lovely together moment moving into hotter and more intimate territories in a stealthy, languid manner – your communication as a partnership is such a boon to moments like this.

    Found myself wishing I was in a similar location / position. Not least to observe the bats!

  4. Peaceful calm outside and around. But inside everything is bubbling. And you want to simultaneously absorb peace and awaken passion and bring it to the limit. It remains to decide what to choose at this moment.

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