Chastity Device: A-Ring Sizing Lessons Learned

I’m in the middle of reviewing a couple of really great devices, but I’ve learned something surprising in the process that’s pretty important when it comes to sizing, figuring out considerations, etc.

I’ve had a number of devices, like so many people in this space. From the Queen’s Keep to the Steelworxx device, even a CB back in the day (just say no). But these recent devices have had a common thing that has tripped me up just a bit.

The A-ring – the base ring, whatever you end up referring to it as, is a wider, usually with rounded edges, band. This seems like it would be super comfortable, because it wouldn’t grab as much, is often “shaped” a bit, etc.

This is all true about the comfort, as long as it’s fitted correctly. I’ve found that the ring, for me, can’t be sized the same s the single-band Steelworxx device I was used to. The current base ring models with the wider approach need to be just a tad larger to adjust for that wider band.

I’m not sure I understand fully, other than the wider bands take up more physical space and, in my own personal experience, they made nights brutal (the chaffing… yikes) and I was forced to take breaks.

The answer is just a tad larger if it’s a broad band. Of course, insert standard “your mileage may vary” here, but know that in my own personal experience anyway, you may want to contact the device maker to see what they recommend – whether it’s the absolute measurement or something a tad larger to make sure you’re good to go. The difference is wearing it anytime and all the time, vs. a on-again, off-again approach., which drives me a little nutty. Pardon the pun.

So there you have it – if you notice the band is wide, or even if you’re getting the dual base-ring from Steelworxx, just work carefully with the maker so you’re not surprised.

I will say, once it’s correct, the fit is really shockingly better overall with the wider ring, IMHO.

More to come in the reviews. 🙂

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