S is for Shower

They were going to meet at the restaurant at 6. He offered to come pick her up because the storm was brewing, but she told him that she would just take the light rail.

silhouette of woman under rain
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He had just parked the car and locked the doors when he heard the rain start. The forecast had been for light showers, but it sounded like a deluge outside. He walked to the edge of the garage and peered out.

Oh, she was going to regret not taking him up on his offer of a ride. The streets were already starting to flood and the restaurant was at least two blocks from the nearest stop.

He unlocked the door and grabbed his umbrella. She might not have one and he might have time to get to the stop before she got off.

He jogged down the steps to street level and peeked in the restaurant. No Sheila. He headed in the direction of the stop just in time to see the train starting towards him. It had already let off the passengers at her stop.

He put up the umbrella and almost ran in her direction. The street was deserted except for a few stragglers running for cover. He didn’t see her so he kept going. The stop was just around the next corner.

As he turned the corner, he froze. He expected to possibly find her wet or hiding under the nearest cover. The one thing he had not expected was to find her standing in the rain like she was in a tropical waterfall.

The streetlight created shadows around her and the rain. She wasn’t trying to get away from the water at all–she looked like she was precisely where she wanted to be. He walked up to her, grinning.

“What are you doing, you crazy woman?”

“Imagining us in a tropical paradise under a waterfall. Alone. Naked. Kissing. Maybe getting ready to make love under the water.”

He felt his pants get tighter. “Oh, yeah?”

She stepped closer and got under the umbrella with him. “I know you don’t want to ruin your suit. But what do you say we skip dinner and go home to take a shower? It won’t be exactly the same, but we can use our imaginations.”

“Oh, believe me, I forgot all about dinner. And my imagination is already there.” He took her hand and they headed to the car.

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