K is for Kale

“We having people over?” he asked as he walked into the kitchen.

purple and green leafy vegetable
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She paused her chopping to turn. “No, why?”

“You bought that crap that goes around fancy plates at restaurants and buffets. Are you into decorating our plates now?”

“Crap? Wow, that’s nice. I was going to make salads for us.” She walked out of the kitchen, fuming.

He started to respond, but she was already gone. That went south fast. He was annoyed at her reaction–he was just giving her a hard time.

He grabbed the stuff on the counter and started to put it away. A piece of paper fell to the floor. He dumped the purple stuff into the refrigerator and picked up the piece of paper.

It was a recipe that was handwritten and he recognized that it was what they had on their first anniversary at a ridiculously fancy restaurant that they really couldn’t afford. He slumped back against the counter. And yes, the salad had the purple lettuce stuff in it. He felt like a jerk.

He went searching for her and found her upstairs cleaning out the medicine cabinet. “Hey,” he started.

“What?” She was clearly not ready to talk.

“I’m sorry. I was just joking around, but it wasn’t funny. Can you forgive me and we’ll cook together?”

“I take it you found the recipe. Would you be apologizing if you hadn’t?”

He turned her around to face him. “I don’t know, but even if I hadn’t found it, I was wrong. You make some of the best meals and I’m incredibly lucky. I should never let you feel any other way.”

“Fine,” she huffed. She headed off down the stairs. He obviously needed to do more. He grabbed the clothes that he wore that night and put them on. A little fancy to cook, but maybe his remembering would help.

He walked into the kitchen and she started laughing. “Do you plan to cook in your dress clothes?”

He smiled. “If it makes you smile, I’ll go rent a tux to cook with you.”

A mischievous smile crossed her face. “No, I think you should put those clothes in the dining room so you can wear them tonight. I’m sure that my apron will be a perfect fit.”

“Your apron? Like the prank one that I bought you?”

“Yup. Go leave your clothes in the dining room and put it on. If you dally, I might just grab my wooden spoon and teach you a lesson.”

He turned red and did as she asked. He returned and asked, “Can I do the purple stuff for you?”

“It’s kale,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Maybe I need a wooden spatula more than a spoon.”

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4 Replies to “K is for Kale”

  1. Such a fun story 🙂

    In The Netherlands, kale is a really normal, regular food that we eat all the time. It’s still funny to me to see it labeled as a ‘superfood.’ And from experience I can tell you wooden spoons and spatulas hurt 😅

  2. Sometimes it’s worth thinking a little more before saying the first stupid thing that comes to mind, for which a minute later you will be ashamed and have to apologize. And it’s good if your soul mate wants to listen to these apologies.

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