It’s been a long, long day at work. We decided to head out and get some dinner, relax a little and try to unplug from the garbage that had gone down.

Dinner was good, the glass of wine was better.

As we head home, we decide to take the scenic route – through the foothills, through the more back-roads ways back to the house. We’re talking bout anything, and nothing. And we’re certainly not talking about work.

back view photo of couple on swings holding hands
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

As we come around the corner by the park, she suddenly turns and excitedly tells me to find someplace to park. Find a spot to stop by the park.

“I love this park!” she says, “it has the coolest stuff. And no one is around, so we can be goofy!”

I’m in.

We get out, head over to the swingsets. After swinging like kids for a few minutes, she jumps off, somehow magically pulls her panties off, and holds up her hand for me to stop…

“Stop right there, mister,” she says. “I need to use that swing.”

I stop, and start to get off the swing and she stops me, turning, jumping on my lap. “Now… let’s go!” she says. She turns, hands me the panties “Oh, and can you hold these for me for a bit?”

I take them, but of course my mind is all over the place on what we COULD be doing, but there’s no way in hell, pants, cage, all that. So here we are, her nuzzling back into me, me raging against all of that metal down there, and swinging. Back. Forth. Back. Forth.

“Mmmmm…. this is so nice,” she says. “I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must be, thinking about how very close you are…”

“You have no idea,” I tell her. “So much.”

“Yes, yes I do,” she says. “Just as I hoped.”

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