W is for Wrapping

“I am so over wrapping presents. Next year, everyone is getting an online gift card.”

person wrapping white box
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“Do you want some help,” he asked, knowing full well that she would say no. His wrapping skills left more than a little to be desired.

“No…I just need a break.”

He handed her the glass of wine he had been bringing in and rubbed her shoulders as she took a sip. “It looks like you are almost done and they do look amazing. I know it’s a lot of work, but everyone loves getting a ‘Jane’ original.”

She laughed. “I know I’ll never go to online stuff. I love seeing people open the things that I’ve chosen.”

She sighed. “That feels good, though.” She absentmindedly played with a scrap piece of ribbon while he worked on her neck and shoulders.

“Want me to order in some dinner? Your choice,” he said.

“Not really hungry yet,” she leaned back into him. He kissed her neck in just that spot.

“Mmm…well, maybe you could unwrap me,” she murmured.

He rose and helped her to her feet. “Unwrap you? That’s my favorite present of all.”

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