V is for Vermont

And the last stop of the road trip. We were hoping for snow, which we did get a little, fondue and covered bridges.

We found one of the buildings from the Beetlejuice movie about an hour away. We had several kinds of Stowe cider, but this one was my favorite. And the fondue was in this tiny place that even opened early for us when we wandered in looking for reservations.

Plenty of covered bridges in the area and we used GPS to find them. And drive over them, of course!

Our favorite place was this cider mill. We stopped there on a whim to use the bathroom and got cider donuts and hot cider to take on our drive. It was so good that we went back the next day for lunch and a hard cider tasting. It was some of the best hard cider I’ve ever had and we’ll probably order from them since it isn’t available locally.

As you can see, it was a success. And the tub and fireplace were the perfect Mmm-worthy end to the trip. Home and back to reality, but it was a perfect fall break.

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