R is for Remote

“Get undressed and unlock.” She had “that look.”

boy in white dress shirt holding black smartphone
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He started to head to the bedroom and she added, “Bring the restraints.”

He nodded. Less than five minutes later, he was back, restraints in hand, naked and unlocked.

“Sit,” she pointed at the chair.

After he obeyed her command, she attached his ankles to the legs of the chair and cuffed his hands behind the back. “All secure?”

He rattled the cuffs and nodded. “And excited, I see,” she smirked. He inwardly groaned. His body loved to betray him at times like this.

“I thought I’d try out the remote control toy and tie it to a video online. We’ve talked about it before and it seems like a good morning to do that. Should I let you hear audio or just use your imagination?”

He felt himself get harder if that was possible. “Whichever you prefer, Mistress.”

She attached the toy to him and stepped back. “Audio, I think.” He watched her smile as she was on her phone, setting up the app. “There.”

He felt it start slowly and soft moans came from the phone.

“I’ll be on the porch with my coffee. Don’t cum or you will be sorry. I’ll see you in 45 minutes. Have fun.”

The moans became louder as the laughed and closed the back door.

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