D is for Diary

June 16

Why do I even keep writing in this thing? Nothing really different happens to me each day. Work, home, maybe a little socializing with friends and some family stuff.

I’ll give it one more month. Then I’m going to spend the time watching re-runs. It wouldn’t be any different.

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June 17

When I got up this morning, I decided that if I wanted things to change a little, I’d have to change a little. I got up early and went to the coffeehouse by the office instead of just bringing my travel mug.

As I was doing some people watching, the guy at the table next to me said hi and introduced himself. Matt. It was his first time there too, but said now it wouldn’t be his last.

I don’t think it will be mine either.

June 18

Matt wasn’t there this morning, but Toby was. We talked about music and he gave me some names of similar bands to ones that I like.

And he plays piano at a club and invited me to come watch them play sometime.

June 19

Matt was back today. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we were both almost late to work! We have so much in common.

June 20

When I got there this morning, Matt had a table and my usual already ordered. He invited me out to dinner on Saturday, but I already have plans with the group. I asked him if he wanted to join us since other people bring their dates sometimes.

He said yes.

June 23

Friday was crazy and I didn’t even get to have coffee with Matt. He texted me because he was worried that I wasn’t there and I told him about the work emergency. We agreed to meet at the club since I was going with Steph.

He was waiting outside for us and everyone absolutely loved him. But guess who was playing piano at the club? Troy!!!

He’s really good. And his partner is part of the band and they were so cute together. And Matt really liked everyone too. Date night on Wednesday–our first “real” one.

June 24

Both Matt and Troy were there this morning. We were laughing so hard that I almost spit out my coffee at one point. Troy is playing at another place this Saturday and I’m going to see if everyone wants to go.

Then Matt walked me to the office and kissed me! It was light and barely there, but it was our first kiss.

June 25

No Matt or Troy today. Matt texted to tell me that he had to meet his mom to deal with a repair person, but he gave me a couple of ideas for dinner tomorrow night. I’m excited, but really nervous. I haven’t been on an actual date in months and the last one was a setup. And not a good one.

I want someplace quiet so we can talk. If I choose too expensive or too cheap or too whatever…I don’t want to mess this up when it’s just starting.

June 27

I was too nervous to go for coffee yesterday. And for no reason at all! We went to an Italian place, had good wine and pasta and it was heavenly. I’m definitely afraid to get my hopes up, but this feels so good.

June 28

No club tomorrow night. Everyone decided to do a potluck at Maggie’s place so we’ll go there instead. I told Troy that I’d miss them and he said that they’d be playing a couple of other places next week so I think Matt and I will go alone.

Matt and I. I actually wrote that. Who is this person?

July 2

I’ve been too busy to write and I’m not even sorry about that. I got to meet Matt’s mom when we picked up dessert for the potluck. He insisted that she made the best bundt cake and he was right. I barely got a bite. Steph even pulled me aside and said he’s a keeper.

I’m starting to figure that out.

July 5

Fireworks and a blanket. Picnic before with his mom and brother and sister-in-law and their kids. Everyone was so relaxed and nice.

My parents would have approved of him. I’m just sorry that he’ll never get to meet them.

July 12

We got to see Troy last night at a new club. Didn’t love the club, but the music was great. Matt brought me home and I invited him in. I feel like the girl in Mamma Mia “dot, dot, dot”

July 21

I gave myself a month. Been busy with work and friends and Matt. I’m so glad that I forced myself out of my safe space.

I don’t think I need the diary anymore. Maybe I’ll write again, but for now? Too many new people and experiences to enjoy.

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